Clothing the nether regions of military gentlemen

Firstly, a quick catch-up on The Unforgiving Minute. The lovely Skylar M Cates recently hosted me and posed some interesting questions about the characters. The book also received a delightful 4.5 star review from Live your life, buy the book.

On to other things. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love research and the unexpected places it takes me. When writing the Regency that’s due to be published by Samhain next January, I spent hours delving into the intricacies of clothing the nether regions of military gentlemen. It was a terrible experience, as anyone might imagine.

One thing that intrigued me was that the 1812 Clothing Regulations for the British Army allowed different compensation amounts for breeches or pantaloons between the infantry and the Rifles – the infantry got a measly 5s 5d, while the Rifles got a dizzying 6s. But I’ve been entirely unable to work out why, and by the time I’d fruitlessly spent hours trying to find out – the different colour? Better quality? A different fit? – I realised it really didn’t matter in terms of my book and I should return my efforts to getting Our Hero out of his pantaloons rather than worrying about their cost. But it’s still nagging at me. Maybe I should spend just a few more hours researching gentlemen’s unmentionables…

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