A Minor Inconvenience – released today

Today is release day for A Minor InconvenienceI was pointed this morning to a lovely review by Josie Goodreads on Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books:

…All in all I loved this book. It was exactly what I expected it to be, and what I wanted it to be. I think anyone who loves historical romance written in the style of its setting and who likes a plot based story will love it too.

I’m delighted the reviewer enjoyed the adventures of Hugh and Theo, though think they were a little kinder to Hugh than I have been at times: Hugh is sweet, a touch naïve, and a quite oblivious soul.  That sounds so much better than my muttered imprecations of “Hugh, you blockhead“!

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6 Responses to A Minor Inconvenience – released today

  1. Am reading it right now and loving it!

    • I’m chuffed to bits you’re enjoying it! Thanks so much.

      • I finished it this morning. I loved it. I am going to write a review for Amazon and Goodreads when I get back from taking Mum to the shops. I wondered, though, if you wanted to do a guest spot on my blog where we can feature the book. I don’t have a HUGE readership, but it’s probably different people to yours, and there’s the link to FB and Twitter that might mean a few more people will go and buy it. Every little helps!

        Maybe something on Heyer and history? Or how your research got you into Swedish massage practices…!! Let me know.

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