The year’s at the spring

The Royal Horticultural Society has recently commissioned a survey to find out how many gardeners have thrown snails over their neighbours’ fence. More than a fifth admit to having done so. I’d like to know how many more have but don’t care to admit to it. I’d also love to know who on earth comes up with these survey topics, but that’s another matter.

It’s the time of year when fair-weather gardeners like me start venturing back out into their gardens, and this is what has turned my attention to slugs and snails because my garden here is absolutely infested with them. I don’t like to use even the allegedly pet- and wildlife-friendly pellets because I’m unsure what they consist of and don’t really want to put them into the environment. I’ve tried most other remedies (egg shells – the slugs just crawl over them; coffee grounds – ditto) and the only one I’ve found that works is putting copper tape around a plant pot. The results are stunning, but there are two slight drawbacks – one is that whatever you’re protecting needs to be in a container; the other is that the stuff is darned expensive.

This year I’m trying out a natural deterrent suggested to me by an elderly gentleman who swears it works – garlic wash. If it’s successful, I’ll post the details here for anyone else similarly afflicted. If it’s not, well, perhaps I’ll have to import some toads or hedgehogs.

(In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not confessing to anything involving snails and fences, just in case my neighbour ever reads this.)

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