Blog tour and dinosaurs

Tomorrow sees the start of my blog tour for A Minor Inconvenience. I’ll be posting links to the stops here  – drop in on any of the blogs that are so generously hosting me to get your name into the draw. On offer is a $15 Amazon gift certificate, and also an ebook of my novel The Unforgiving Minute.


On a different note, I’ve just been reading an article about Mary Anning, the groundbreaking (no pun intended) palaeontologist.


“She was one of the most successful fossil hunters in history and a central figure in the history of paleontology, her discoveries are displayed in major museums, she was a self-taught woman in a field dominated by men from Oxford and Cambridge, and she was even the subject of the childhood tongue-twister “She sells seashells by the seashore”–yet Mary Anning is today largely unknown and virtually forgotten.”

Like many children, I briefly nursed the dream of being a palaeontologist when I went through my dinosaurs are cool phase, but unlike Mary Anning, I wouldn’t have had to fight society to pursue that vision.  Her achievements are truly remarkable.

Link to article on the Daily Kos.


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2 Responses to Blog tour and dinosaurs

  1. I was reading about Mary only the other day, in the context of her surviving the lightning strike. She was apparently a babe in arms at the time and the strike killed all three women with her, including the one holding her. I assume because she wasn’t actually in contact with the ground, she wasn’t ‘earthed’.

    Don’t forget that if you want to come and puff off the tour on my blog, I’d be very glad to have you there!

    And not long now until Bristol!

    • Ah, you and your sciencey explanation. 🙂 I happily believed it was a much more symbolic survival. Though, truthfully, it is still an odd thing to have happened. (And of course you would know all about her. On a similar note, I’m beginning to wonder if I should explore who Amelia Peabody is based upon.)

      Thanks so much – I will email you later! I’m getting more and more excited about Bristol.

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