Firemen and kittens – there’s a reason they’re a trope

I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Tuscany and Rome. I saw (and ate) so much that it’s going to take a while to process it all, though some pesky Etruscans are rattling around inside my head, muttering things that might turn into a story.

But despite the wonderful architecture and art I saw during my visit, the high point of the holiday wasn’t experiencing the power which the Pantheon exudes. It wasn’t even enjoying the grace of the Temple of Minerva in Assisi. It was sitting in the sunshine, drinking really good coffee and watching six Italian firemen spend half an hour rescuing a kitten. To be strictly accurate, they spent ten minutes peering anxiously up at the ledge the kitten was stuck on, and when a neighbour managed to lean out of a window far enough to grab it and bring it in, they then spent twenty minutes gathered around it, cooing and rubbing its tummy. As my companion observed, the kitten’s undoubtedly going to head back to that ledge on a daily basis.

So, do you think Etruscans would go to those lengths to rescue a kitten?  Back to the drawing board for me, I think…

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