Spring is (almost) sprung

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, meteorologically speaking, and I will be celebrating by visiting a farmer friend.  My justification for the visit is that I’m researching sheep-farming for a book; my real reason is the almost unbearable cuteness of new-born lambs.  I can’t decide whether they’re more adorable when they’re all wobbly and fuzzy and almost brand new, or when they’re gained their confidence and discovered that their legs appear to be made out of coiled springs, just perfect for jumping on top of their long-suffering mothers.

I used to think it unfortunate that lambs grew up into sheep, as I thought sheep ranked among the most boring animals in the world, but I’ve come to realise that viewpoint was blind prejudice and they’re actually quite interesting.  They’re not unintelligent, and they remember faces (mostly those of other sheep, it must be said).


I’ve been absent from online life for a while, but seeing a new doctor has brought a new diagnosis and treatment and I’m finally beginning to feel human again.  I’m not yet quite up to writing, but at least some gentle research is now possible.  And I have an awful lot to catch up on – I think about the only piece of writing-related news I’ve been aware of during this time is Samhain Publishing’s demise.  It’s a great shame to see another independent publisher go, and I hope all Samhain staff and authors are able to find new opportunities.

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4 Responses to Spring is (almost) sprung

  1. Welcome back! I’m delighted to hear that your new doctor is helping, and I hope this is that start of a good recovery for you!


    • Thank you so much, Anna. The change over the past few weeks has been relatively small, yet significant (I can think again, for one thing!), so I am confident this is the beginning of recovery.

  2. Tim says:

    So glad that you are starting to feel better and hope you continue to make progress!

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