A Minor Inconvenience re-release

I’m delighted that Entangled Publishing will be re-releasing A Minor Inconvenience on August 21st.

I’ve spent many happy hours trawling the internet looking for reference pictures to convey to the cover artist my impression of the characters, and it struck me, not for the first time, how writing must be the best job in the world (except perhaps for looking after puppies).  I can’t think of another job where I would be able spend hours learning random but fascinating facts or gazing at pictures of attractive people or architecture.  I mean, I’ve done those things for years anyway, but I can finally justify them as being in the name of research.  I’m pretty lucky.

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2 Responses to A Minor Inconvenience re-release

  1. Yay! Back in print, where it should be!!!!
    I agree with you about both the writing and the puppies – well, if we ignore the puddles that a certain puppy is leaving on my kitchen floor with a regularity that makes me sigh. (We *will* master house training – just not today. Or tomorrow…)

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