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Spring is (almost) sprung

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, meteorologically speaking, and I will be celebrating by visiting a farmer friend.  My justification for the visit is that I’m researching sheep-farming for a book; my real reason is the almost unbearable cuteness … Continue reading

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Guest post: Round-up

I’m thrilled to welcome Anna Butler here for the final day of her tour for Gyrfalcon and The Gilded Scarab. Anna and I became friends online rather more years ago than I care to remember; when we finally met in … Continue reading

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Why none of my Regency characters will ever visit the dentist

I’ve been a little quieter than usual for the last few months due to some health issues. Perhaps most frustratingly, the migraines and exhaustion have prevented me from writing. The good news is that I received a diagnosis a couple … Continue reading

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Coming soon – but not soon enough!

It sometimes seems that books are like buses – you wait forever for one that piques your interest, and then a bunch come along at once. Anna Butler is a case in point. She has not one but two books … Continue reading

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The sport of princes. And rabbits, apparently.

I’ve been reading about horse racing at the turn of the nineteenth century and have been both charmed and appalled by some of the things I’ve discovered. While I’d been aware of some of the Prince of Wales’s less savoury … Continue reading

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A Minor Inconvenience in paperback, and 4.5 stars from RT Magazine

For those who, like me, still love hard copy books, A Minor Inconvenience will be released in paperback on January 6th. The paperback is now available for pre-order from Samhain. Speaking of A Minor Inconvenience, I’m delighted that it has … Continue reading

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Raising a glass to comets

For the last couple of days I’ve been glued (with brief breaks for the ATP tennis finals) to the gallant adventures of Philae, sitting on the surface of a comet hurtling through space at 83,000 miles per hour after a … Continue reading

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